"Ha ha, it seems that the goddess of fortune is leaning towards us this time." Lu Jing and Zhan Ge'er find a sweet shop to wait for Tang Yue. It is not strange to say that it is the god worshipped by the fire man people. Fang lie nodded his head and said with a smile, "but this time, you'd better cover up the beauty They stopped talking and waited in silence to see who they were. Overlooking the world below, ye Chu drank and waved his hand, and a black shadow fell into the abyss Jing Tian shrugged his shoulders. "So it's just a coincidence of the gods." "Lin Dong, how about 300 yellow pills for these things?" Finally, Xu Changgeng expressed his views. The light system giant dragon Mo son made a strong nod. Guan Qingfeng tiny meal, indifferent response: "so can only abide by the rules of the game, isn' "What!? ancestor!? miss. What you said is true The eyes of the prisoners are green, this is a flower bed thing. "Reply to your highness. I have been ordered by your majesty to come and serve your highness." His wrist suddenly trembled and the cold light flashed. The two gold bracelets were like shells, att Fire fine startled shock, straight is not believe in evil, jade hand direct greeting, hit Chen Jiu&# "You are going to die. What more face do you want?" "Got hooked by other women! Men don't have a good thing!"

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