Not only that, such a situation, will not cause outside suspicion! After hearing what the emperor said, he also said it directly. "Second brother..." Feng Bailu was coquettish and angry with Lu Jing. "Well, I feel ashamed about it. I say it's very comfortable to be thrown here in such a big way? "Um --" Ma Xiaotao has a long breath, and her star eyes are slightly open. She has never been so com According to the information obtained by Qin Lang, the lower plane is only five fold universe, and f In the eyes of the black cloud sage, the cruelty and banter of cat and mouse appeared, "it's all Ye Ming immediately vowed: "Third Master, don't worry, I will go on time. However, what kind of Standing at the stern of the ship, the king of the vulture looked curiously at the pursuing master W "Master Qingfeng, you have five disciples who have entered the holy land. Please bring one of them t Gao Xiuping commented: "the disaster of the fish pond!" After all, these things are only available to Xiao Ping here. If you have money outside, you may not This is a threat. If you say it's a threat, it's also a punishment. Anyway, it's because Yang Kai's tone gradually grew impatient. From the performance of these elders, Yang Kai has see "My name is akmo, let alone the name of the morning King..." It's clear that it has been swept from the human body without any effect. The leader of Taiyi kingdom is actually a woman with amazing appearance. So by the time Zhou Shaojin helped Guo out of the room, Cheng Chi had returned to normal.

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