But Tang Yu estimated that even if they stood still, these people would not really kill them. Even if it is a magic immortal, even if there is a strong body protection light outside the God body In this case, it is no wonder that the guards of the ancient demon city are so serious and dedicated The ankle was trampled out of joint instantly, and Ye Xing stepped on the foot, unable to move. And destroyed the guardian array of Xueguang fortress. However, after a dull sound, they didn't even open the circle. A vague childhood memory began to use in my heart, Zhao Nan's expression slightly softened up, s The group of security guards immediately dispersed, and the general direction of the search was dete If the great ape king can't fly, then he will have to fall. Meng Qi sighs and may be taken away by the murderer. Zhou came out of his pocket to find his clothes. The easy opening of the door is not only beyond Green's expectation, but also beyond Ye ruo' The second ring of "Bo" hit Xiao Fan again. I can't help it. Half an hour ago, they killed a master of burning a prison in this neighborhood Lingzu high-level one by one excited, with Zhao Feng ancient god's cultivation, choose six level Seeing the majestic middle-aged man, Chen Guo immediately gave a long sigh of relief and strode to m Cheng Kaitai didn't understand the meaning of Fang Yingwu, but he didn't want to understand The accumulation of true strength, ready to impact the bottleneck of vigorous Qi State!

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