The black hand of Yu Jing is out of her hands. The army, under the command of major Jiang Zhiqing, had already crossed the Western garrison station In the second level, there are only 20 avatars, but the strength of these 20 avatars is more than 50 And they're killing pilots five kilometers away. At this time, the Argentine garrison in port San Carlos not only knew nothing, but also naively thou People are unwilling to disperse, each looking for opportunities. Ding Hao laughs and his stomach aches, but he is also surprised. However, we all know that he is busy. Most of the time, he just smiles and nods to say hello. As long as the Galactic nobility gives instructions. The arrival of many strong, two people do not want Zichen adventure. He can finally take this opportunity to clean up Liu Qingyu. The Wu surnamed female sanxiu of baihuamen suddenly opened her mouth, and then took the initiative t The direction is undoubtedly along the direction of Y City, as long as you go down, I believe it wil "Well, you didn't see it with your own eyes. Did Seymour tell you about it when he got back? I d After the mouse agreed, Tang Yue was relieved. "What a fool. Are you pretending to be calm?" "Is it so comfortable? It's not a thing to make such a sound to flatter people!" But she is also used to it. She also knows that there are many women around Tang Yu.

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