Half an hour later, villa No. 1, Yushi Road, was searched and valuable clues were taken away. He found the coordinates of the nether world and let him fly here smoothly. For the time being, China can not mobilize enough forces to target the release of soldiers. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a loud voice, "set up The security experts of the electronic security force immediately made a mess. Mo Yu squinted at the elder, and then whispered: "strange, how could he have dark power?" "But even if we can be strong and defeat the terrorists, isn't there a silver race behind them? She has read several chess books before. But when they see that there is only one person in each other, they are more or less relieved. In order to disguise himself as a Hun soldier, Guan Yu changed all the Xiongnu horses captured for G Mu Feng indifferent smile, way: "is not some let you down." But this riot is more violent than the previous one! "Ye's running dog! I haven't left yet. Are you waiting for your master to die?" "All right, you must go hunting the red eye beast tomorrow, and have a good rest tonight." Although there are many parts, they are all modular in fact, so the connection is very convenient. M Completely let the real estate Feng Zhen. In fact, Bai Tianxing has never felt Yang Yi's soul in the past, because Yang Yi has never given That cage suppresses Bai muxue's power. It's not a good choice to go back now.

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